Ohrstrom Electro

Live: Sa, 06.12.2008, 01.00 h

Ohrstrom's musical career starts in a terribly bad teenager schoolband. Later, he gets to know ambitionated musicians and as a result of that collaboration they perform in a local crossover project. The formation does first live concerts in 1997 with electronical instruments and sequencers. Fascinated by the possibilities, more complex and experimental tracks are made in the rapidly growing studio.

Dominating acoustic instruments are replaced by electronics coutinously. After the breakup of the band, Ohrstrom focuses on completly electronical music. During that period he does fairly trashy drum'n'bass tracks inspired by his surroundings.

In 2002 and 2003, Ohrstrom lives in Barcelona, Spain, creating a new live set to be played at different locations. With local artists and musical enthusiasts, Ohrstrom improves his tracks and keeps on producing new stuff. Back to Zürich, he gets on with his sound science, leading to regular live performances in both small underground locations and clubs starting winter 2003.


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