Playboy's Bend (B) Electro

Laetitita Bica (c) 2008

Konzert: Sa, 06.12.2008, 24.00 h  

Playboy's Bend is a musical and electronic art concept started by xavier Gazon in 2006. The project is inspired by the worldwide underground circuit bending movement which involves modifying internal circuitry of old toys, 80's cheesy casio synths from the bric-a-brac trade and transforming them into unusual and magical instruments.

The soundscape's result is like anything. else you are ever likely to hear. All samples collages sequences are taken from World Pop music archetypes and cliches like rock, electro, disco, reggae or latino dances deviated by external funny human playing. The complete band is a duo formed by Xavier Gazon and Michel Cremer.

They play live with toys and casio's synths accompagnied by samples looptrack on computer. The main act is oriented for "happy electro twist" atmosphere and a solo performance from Xavier Gazon is available but limited to contemporary art events or small intimist concerts.