Speedbending / My room is my instrument by Kaspar J. König

Suppose the inside of a room is the resonance body of an instrument.... How would the instrument have to look like to sound good? An installation made by the participants in an interactively search of sound of the room. With add-ons quickly designed or thoroughly studied for a good sound and a fun time.

materials: simple wires, strings, ridges and tensioners, bows and other instruments, basicly anything that can interact with the physical part of the room. So old instruments to speedbend and PU-faom to glue it all to the room!

Durchführung: Offen für Jeden. Freitag, 5. bis Sonntag 7. Dezember während den Öffnungszeiten der Ausstellung.

Lokalität: Eingangsbereich des Hauptgebäudes